Discord Etiquette

Discord is a great way to communicate within the guild, for raids, and for general socialization and fun. We want everyone to have fun and enjoyment for their time on Discord. To keep things from getting chaotic and out of hand, you are expected to adhere to a few basic rules:

  • Push-to-Talk/Voice Activation: Open mic use is not permitted in Discord during raid times. Push-to-Talk or Voice Activation is required. If you use voice activation, it is your responsibility to mute your mic if something non-raid related is happening in the background.
  • Discord Handle: Use the name of your main character in the guild.
  • Raid Channels: Our raid channels are reserved for just that, raiding. If you are not part of the current raid, do not join the raid channel.
  • Raid Instructions: If you are not a raid leader, do not call out raid instructions. If you think a piece of information was left out, ask in tells.
  • Boss Encounters: During a boss encounter, keep the raid channel clear unless you have a question about the current boss encounter. The raid channel(s) need to be clear for instructions as well as requested important information to be called out (ie. Ramp tank, tanks swaps, etc)
  • Speech: We are all adults (this game is way too old!) and we expect everyone to act as adults. Speech in Discord should follow the above guidelines and be considerate of the fact that there are many others involved in the conversation. While we understand that sometimes friends & family go farther than that, and is usually meant to be harmless, if there are people in your channel that fall outside of that circle, we expect you to be courteous and respect others. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Racial Slurs
    • Sexist Slurs
    • Homophobic Slurs
    • Derogatory Terms

Not abiding by these rules may result in the following actions:

  • Being globally muted
  • Suspension from raids
  • Removal from the raid team
  • Removal from guild

Above all we want everyone to have a good time, and to enjoy each other’s company, however, we need to do so in a respectable and courteous manner.