Main Change

Periodically, members will change their main character’s class. The reasons are varied, but typically are personal in nature or to benefit the guild’s needs. Main changes are not permitted without officer approval. Once a main change has been approved, that player may not main change again forĀ 6 months.

Main changes should be rare, well planned out, thoughtful decisions that meet the following requirements:

  • Class you are switching to must be open for recruitment
  • Maximum level for the current expansion
  • Updated Magelo
  • Class-relevant AAs to be useful on raids
  • Class-relevant spells to be useful on raids
  • Minimum bazaar & group level gear for the current expansion
  • Understanding of your class

Consideration will be given to high attendance raiders, switching to a needed class and/or raiders boxing previously geared main. If a main change is approved, the new main character will be treated as recruit status for a minimum of three raids (this includes loot restrictions). This period is to evaluate the player’s performance in their new class role.

If the prior main was well geared and/or received notable amounts of gear immediately before the main change, the officers may request that it be played on raids until the new main is sufficiently geared to contribute.

We understand the occasional want to switch classes and want everyone to enjoy the class they play, however, this can present a problem for the guild as previous gear awarded is lost. These rules are to help mitigate that impact.