Formed from players with like mindsets, we are a guild dedicated to raiding and progressing through content in era.

Recruitment Team

If you have any questions, or just want to talk with us to see what we’re about, hit up one of our recruitment officers, Brohh or Vilefist.

Raid Schedule

  • Sundays: 7pm-11pm ET
  • Mondays: 8pm-11pm ET
  • Tuesdays: 8pm-11pm ET

If you are considered a Raider, we expect you to be at official raids when ongoing and logged in the game. If you cannot attend a raid due to real life issues, please notify an Officer. Pulls start at raid start time, be on and looking for a raid invite at least 20 minutes before raid start. Minimum raid attendance is 50% without any given reason. We understand life happens and things come up, just notify an Officer to let them know whats happening.

Loot Distribution

We use an open auction DKP system to handle our loot distribution. Bids will be taken in the following order:

Members -> Recruits -> Boxes -> Friends & Family.

On occasion it may be deemed necessary to only open specific pieces of loot to certain classes in order to position the guild for success.


DKP will be given on 3 occasions:

    • On-Time Attendance Check
    • Encounter Kill
    • Raid End
Bidding Rules

All items will begin with a minimum bid of 5 DKP and have no maximum bid. Bids must be in increments of 5 and be posted in the correct chat channel that the Lootmaster is taking bids in.

You are responsible for knowing your DKP amount when bidding. DKP will fluctuate as raids progress and players spend to buy items. You are allowed to bid up to your current DKP amount, but cannot bid more than what you have. In the event that you go negative by winning an item through overbidding a DKP amount that you do not have at the time of the bid, you will be charged a flat -25 DKP penalty.

There are no ties, highest bid wins.

DKP Corrections

Each member is responsible for ensuring that their attendance has been correctly input into the DKP system. Officers are humans too, and sometimes we make mistakes. If you are not in the raid at the time of a checkpoint, you will not receive DKP for that checkpoint.

DKP Decay

DKP does not decay on a regular basis. However, there are still ways to lose DKP.

If your 30-day raid attendance reaches 0% without an explanation, you will be removed from the DKP site and forfeit all DKP as well as attendance history. You will be demoted to Friends & Family rank as well. You may return to raiding upon leadership approval.

Attendance will be audited once a month along with guild rank.

Ranks & DKP
    • Member
      • Earns DKP and has a 30-day raid attendance of >50%
    • Recruit
      • Earns DKP
      • Can only bid for items if no Members bid
    • Box
      • Earns DKP
      • Can win items using their own DKP
      • Can only bid for items if no Members & Recruits bid, and if their main character’s 30-day raid attendance is >50%
    • Friends & Family
      • Does not earn DKP
      • Can only win items if none of the above ranks bid
      • Winner will be decided by a /ran 1000 roll


If you box a character and intend to bring them to raids by all means do so. But they are subject to exact same rules your mains are. Gear requirements and effectiveness. If you plan to bring a box and sit them semi-AFK and collect loot then do not bring them as they will be awarded any.

  • If you box a Warrior you will be expected to tank.
  • If you box a Cleric you will be expected to heal.
  • If you box a Shaman you will be expected to buff and slow.

Raid invites for boxes are at raid leader’s discretion.

Applicant Requirements

  • Level 46+
  • Discord – It is not required of you to talk in Discord, but you need to be able to listen
  • Basic knowledge of current content and the ability to travel around safely
  • Class-relevant spells to be useful on raids

Trial Period

Applicants are required to attend 6 full official raids. After which leadership will take a vote for a spot on the raid force.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining Imperfekt, please speak to one of our Officers in game.